Mickey for the rescue

So today I got a shipment from ebay (which is not such a rare occasion :D )
I've got 100 3v CR1616 batteries and a mickey mouse shaped cookie cutter and much more swag.

I know it's seems random items but that's me..
I like going over ebay store pages and just grab cheap stuff that I think could be useful somehow.

OMG look how many!!

And I've had an idea while watching the new episode of Gothem, A platform that creates a "Mickey Mouse" figure on the ceiling or the wall.
I've made a first draft quickly just to test the idea so that's my other ingredients :

  • 1 Mickey Mouse cookie cutter
  • 1 3v CR1616 battery
  • 1 LED, the brighter the better
  • electric tape
  • scrap cardboard, I've used a back of something I've bought recently I always save those for projects and working area padding.

Because LED's can usually work with a voltage of 1.7v-5v the led should light up without any problems.
Just remember that the long leg of the led is the + and the short is the -
So when connecting to the battery lookout for that.. otherwise it won't light up

Here's a super bright led with the battery between it's legs
Working led

The whole hookup :

The hookup

And how it looks without light :


My thoughts about it:
  • Need to create some closure like a box or a pipe so that the light won't spread out and will only be containted in the closure so it will highlight the shape of the cookie cutter
  • Maybe try more LEDs or different colors
  • Get a camera that shoots well in low light environment

Because of this I've now ordered a Batman shaped cookie cutter so expect an update :)

Hope you enjoyed it!
See you next time :)