How to build a boutique lamp in 1 Hour*

Hey all!

I took a small break from my mini-series "Helping the community" on ROS2 and the tello_driver for making an autonomous drone. I needed to clear my head out from this one, it grew to be an enormous project, which I'll tackle gladly soon.

Though I love writing techie posts, this time I made something a bit different: Today I'll share how I made a boutique lamp in 1-hour*.

* Not counting the 24H that the varnish needed to dry.

Let's dive in!

List of components

Local store

(Spent around 50 ILS (~14.80$))

  • Varnish
  • Turpentine
  • Anchors
  • Retro chains
  • Wire staplers


Overall of 44.34$

Putting aside my enjoyment and all the things I've learned while making this boutique lamp, paying 44.34$ is still cheaper than buying a lamp like this from a store.

The Walkthrough

  • Using sandpaper, I smoothed the wood until there were no splinters.
  • Then I applied 2 layers of varnish (12H waiting for dry, and polishing the wood, between each layer)

Note Although it is not the first time I work with wood, this time I've read the instruction written on the back of a varnish can. It was as easy as following instructions for making rice.

  • Wiring, this part was a REAL walk in the park.
    • Using a fluke I made sure there was no disconnection along the wires.

And voila!


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